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How can I create a new account in Flosna?

From the Home Page of Flosna press Create Account, which is in the middle of the page and then fill in all the required data and then activate your account through your email.


How Can I activate my Flosna account?

After you sign up to create a new account in Flosna you will receive the activation link in your email and you can active your account through it.


What does the message that appears when it refuses to open a new account "The email is already used" mean?

It means that the entrance e-mail you used to create an account for you on Flosna is used previously to create other account and can`t be used again.


How can I Recharge My Balance?

You can recharge your balance to enjoy Flosna services through these ways:

  • Using Flosna repaid card.
  • Using Bank transfer.
  • Through one of our dealers.


What does it mean “User name or password wrong” which appears when you try to login to your account?

Make sure you are entering the correct e-mail and password and check the state of characters and the language that you use in writing.


How can I charge my balance through a Bank transfer? 

Go to the top of your screen to Add Balance and then select Charge via bank transfer, then enter the required data accurately then select confirm the transfer, and we'll charge your balance as soon as possible.


I’ve done the procedures that needed to charge my balance through a bank transfer and until now my balance is empty? 

We are working to achieve requests as soon as possible but you can contact us to revise it.


What should I do to make sure that the shipping procedures by Bank transfer will be done as soon as possible?

Make sure that the input of the process is completely correct and that there are no spaces or symbols between the numbers and you must be sure to enter the account number and bank name correctly and make sure that the transfer date is correct.


When I buy any product how can I see the details of the purchase again? 

After you did buy a product you can return to Transaction History from hello, user name in the left side of the main pageand you can see the last Transaction that you did to check out all details.


What should I do if I receive this message while I'm trying to charge my balance via Flosna card the charge code is incorrect please try again?

When you receive this message, please verify that the card has not been previously used and that the code is valid and please make sure that English is the language that you used, if there is no responses please review the distributor who you got the card through it.


When can I use the balance that I charged my account with?

You can use the balance you charged it immediately to buy what is on offer of goods and services in Flosna.


If I have a problem during my use of Flosna what should I do?

In case you face any problem or bug please feel free to contact us.


What are the ways that I can through it get the technical support for Flosna?

You can through Technical Support option from the home page get the support you need in one of the following methods:

  • Add new ticket: It is a ticket to explain what is facing you then send it from your account to the members of technical support in Flosna directly, to let them answer your questions as soon as possible.
  • FAQ: It is a common question related to things you may face during your use of Flosna, through the answers you can get immediate support that you may need.
  • Contact us: technical support team is ready to answer your calls and inquiries.


The following message appears to me, when want to buy some product what do it mean : 

The purchase process does not happen, please recharge your account first, and then try to purchase it again from here thank you for your interactions with Flosna? 

This message means that you can't buy this product because you don't have enough balance in your Flosna account so please recharge your balance and try again.


During the attempts that I've made to recharge my Flosna account through Flosna prepaid cards I've disrupt the card, What can I do?

In such a case you should return to the distributor who you got the card through.


Is my balance in my Flosna account owns a validity date?

There is no validity date for your balance you can use it any time you would like to.


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