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Flosna put the protection of customer accounts on the ladder of priorities. Where it works on permanent development and continuous security systems have to ensure maximum protection for its customers, please see the points below to get the maximum protection for your account.

Always make sure you are on the Flosna site.
It is always important to make sure you are on the correct link for the site https://www.Flosna.com.

In any page you enter your personal or financial, take a look at the address bar top of the page you'll find "https: //". The letter "s" that appears after "http" indicates that the site is secure.


Beware of phishing messages 

Please pay attention that the technical support team in Flosna will not ask you for your login details via e-mail or such like that, please refer to Flosna once that happens.


Choose a strong password and pay attention to the following:

You must keep your password safe and do not disclose it to anyone and you have to make sure that our employees will never request your account password.

In case you already received email demanding your password you must notify us immediately Flosna will not bear the responsibility if you fall in such mistake.


To keep your password safe you must do the following:

  • Do not reveal your password to anyone no matter how much you trusted him. 
  • Do not store your password in a computer you have no control over it. 
  • Do not send it to anyone. 
  • If you have any doubts or suspicion that your login details have been stolen from you, you should let us know immediately, you do not have to be late in this matter. Flosna bear no responsibility for any hard that may happen to your account. You should also let us know in the case of you suspect that someone is able to access your account.
  • Flosna has the right to close your account temporarily at any time; we suspect that the account has been accessed by unauthorized people without your knowledge. 
  • You must make sure your email is safe and this is a very important thing because we contact you through it.
  • If you are using a shared computer and anyone else could use it, make sure that the browser did not save your account access data.
  • If you are using your own computer, you have to stay sure that you only could access to your account.


To keep your account safe, Pay attention to the following:

Keep user names and passwords secret.
Do not use obvious characters for your Flosna password like your date of birth, or the last four digits of your phone number as these can be easily guessed.
Use only secure Internet browsers that allow secure transmission of data. Identify security clues such as the "closed lock " icon at the bottom of the browser or a URL that begins with https://.These signs indicate that only you and the merchant can view payment information. Only enter Flosna account number and password when you confirm a purchase.
Keep a record of transactions.
Never respond to an email request for personal or account information, even if appears to be from a trusted source.

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