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Terms of use

This User Agreement is a contract between you and Flosna which is applied in case you choose to buy any kind of goods from it or when you use any other service offered through the site www.Flosna.com in case you do not agree to be bound by this agreement it will never be allowed to you to use the site.


1. Definitions

1.1. In this agreement we may use expressions which will mean the following:

1.1.1. We: means Flosna. 

1.1.2. Your account in Flosna or your account: the space that is allocated to you in Flosna which enables you to use Flosna.

1.1.3. Flosna or Flosna site or the site: the site that you can reach it via the link www.Flosna.com.

1.1.4. You or customer: the person who uses Flosna and who register in Flosna and whose name appears at the top of the home page and called "user".

1.1.5. Technical support: means technical support team in Flosna which you can communicate with them through contact or sending a ticket to them. 


2. This Agreement

2.1. This agreement is governing your registration, use, closure of Flosna.
2.2. This agreement with privacy policy constitute the legal relationship between you and us.

2.3. When you want to buy any product through Flosna you will be governed by this agreement terms, you should print or download a copy of it so you will have a reference you can go back to it in the future.

2.4. You can always return to the latest version of the agreement on our site. You should also read the FAQ you may find some interesting questions in it.


3. Service Description

3.1. Flosna is a payment services provider and acts as such by creating, hosting, maintaining and providing our Flosna Services to you via the Internet. Our services allow you to send payments to anyone with a Flosna Account, and, where available, to receive payments. Our service availability varies by country.

3.2. Flosna is not a bank or money transfer service and the Personal Payments feature may not be used to remit funds to third parties. Flosna is not subject to banking regulations. Flosna Services are payment processing services rather than banking services.

3.3. Funds stored in a Customer Flosna account have no expiration date.

3.4. You agree that you will not receive interest or other earnings on the balance in your Customer Account.

3.5. Customer agrees that Flosna has the right to monitor the Flosna Network electronically from time to time in order to operate the System properly.


4. Registration in Flosna

4.1. To be able to use the services of Flosna you must create an account by filling in your details on our site, as part of the registration process you must agree on this Agreement and Privacy Policy.

4.2. You can have only one account through your e-mail.

4.3. All the information and data that you enclose during the registration process or after that must be accurate and honest.

4.4. In case you want to close your account you should call the Technical support team in Flosna.

4.5. A Customer must maintain an active address, phone number and email address to become a Customer and may not provide any false, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information. Customer must not provide any name, bank account or credit card that he/she is not legally authorized to use.

4.6. Customer is responsible to ensure that the details provided at registration and later are kept up to date. Flosna reserves the right to request further information pertaining to Customer’s account at any time. Failure to supply such information may result in limitation on usage of this service or suspension of the account.

4.7. If you open more than one Customer Account, Flosna shall contact you and ask you to identify which account is to be your Customer Account. Flosna shall then, without liability, close all your other accounts and transfer any balances in those other Customer Accounts into your remaining Customer Account.

4.8. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of, and restricting access to and use of, your user name, password and details of your Customer Account, and you accept responsibility for all activities that occur under or in relation to your user name, password and Customer Account.

4.9. You agree to immediately notify Flosna of any unauthorized use of your user name, password or Customer Account or any other breach of security.

4.10. In no event will Flosna be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage whatsoever resulting from the disclosure of your user name, password and / or other Customer Account details.

4.11. You agree to reimburse Flosna for any improper, unauthorized or illegal use of your Customer Account, whether by you or any other person. Every person who logs into the Site by entering the correct user name and password or undertakes any transaction or transfer with the correct password and Customer Account number is assumed by Flosna to be the rightful Customer Account holder and Flosna regards all related transactions and/or transfers as valid. You acknowledge and agree that Flosna will not reverse or refund any such transactions or transfers.


5. Your personal information

5.1. If there is an error in your personal data, the responsibility of this thing back to you as the process of entering or amend your personal information in your account is only done through you and cannot be done through us. 

5.2. The processing of your personal data is governed by the privacy policy of Flosna that you can also found on the site, your acceptance of this agreement means that you also accept the privacy policy.

5.3. You acknowledge and agree that Flosna may share the information provided by you and the terms of the agreement between you and Flosna with the authorized dealer bank in order to enable the authorised dealer bank to conduct the requisite due diligence in accordance with  the authorized dealer’s Know-your-customer (KYC) obligations.


6. Accounts Types

6.1. Flosna offers 4 account types:
6.1.1. Personal account, to be used by individuals for personal non-commercial use.
6.1.2. Vendor account, to be used to create Flosna cards and selling it for individuals.
6.1.3. Merchant account, to be used for business owners, planning to use Flosna as a payment option on their website and require API features.
6.1.4. Exchanger account, to be used by Flosna verified exchangers, offering a service of exchanging funds for individuals.


7. Your Flosna account

7.1. Your Flosna account lets you buy any kind of products and enjoy all the services and pay by your preferred currency you choose. 

7.2. You enter your personal information for your account and you are free to modify them. 

7.3. You can get many of the available goods through your Flosna account.

7.4. Your balance in your Flosna account is not expired and there are no benefits that can be added to it.

7.5. The balance in the account belongs to the person who owns it and no one else can use it.

7.6. Your account in Flosna got a very high level of security and no one except you can log in it, and Flosna will not bear the responsibility if you gave your password to anyone. 


8. Add balance in your account

8.1. In order to add money to your Customer Account or to otherwise purchase goods and services online using the Flosna Service, you may choose from one or more options available depending on the country you are situated.

8.2. you agree that you will not use any unauthorized, invalid or illegal payment method to upload money to your Customer Account.


9. Sending and Receiving Payments

9.1. You can send money to anyone who has an account on Flosna using e-mail address of the recipient; customer may instruct Flosna to make a payment by entering the email address of the person to receive the payment and the amount.

9.1. When Customer sends a payment, Flosna will obtain the funds plus any commission first by debiting Customers funds in the Flosna accounts and Flosna will immediately send the funds to the recipient’s Flosna account.

9.2. We may, at our discretion, impose limits on the amount of payments you can send through the Flosna Services. Some accounts, at Flosna discretion, may have a higher or lower spending limit depending on their verification status.

9.3. Customer has no right to demand to reverse the Payment after it was sent.

9.4. Flosna has the right to impose fees on Sending and Receiving Payments.


10. The process of buying and paying in Flosna

10.1. After you have registered in Flosna and recharge your balance you can go to the store through your account to purchase any item you need you just have to pick it and then press on buy now and then the price of it will discounted from your balance.
10.2. Through this agreement you are committed to purchase and pay in the ways that Flosna allow.
You are legally committed that you will not return or replace any items.

10.3. You must ensure, when using the Flosna Service to purchase goods or services online, that the Merchant to whom you are making the payment is registered and approved by Flosna as a Flosna Merchant.
10.4. When you make a payment from your Customer Account, Flosna will authorize the transfer of the necessary electronic money (including all necessary fees (including all necessary fees, as defined in section 13) from your Customer Account.

10.5. You acknowledge and agree that if there are insufficient funds in your Customer Account to make the necessary payment; Flosna will not authorize the payment and will cancel the transaction. Flosna shall not be liable for any loss, damage or liability suffered or incurred by you those results from a transaction being cancelled in the circumstances where insufficient funds in your Customer Account prevent you from making a payment.


11. Transactions

11.1. Account holders have access to all transactions carried out with their account as well as any fees involved. Any possible irregularities are to be reported by contacting Flosna Customer Support department.
11.2. Each Flosna account is attached to an e-mail address, which identifies the account and which must be provided when arranging a transaction. Account holders must insert the exact e-mail address of the recipient.
11.3. Flosna does not hold the responsibility for errors made by account holders inserting the recipient’s account identifier nor for wrong transfers are even if the instructions provided by a Merchant incorrect.
11.4. Flosna does not hold responsibility for any type of damage or loss caused by payments made to the wrong recipients, payments made for incorrect amounts, payments made by third parties through an account holders account, errors in merchant’s content, delays or data loss caused by telecommunications systems, government acts, fraud and malfeasance of the account holder.
11.5. All transactions are final and cannot be reversed.
11.6. In case of suspicious/fraudulent funds, Flosna reserves the right to put such transactions on hold for further investigation.
11.7. Flosna does not take part in disputes between account holders and merchants. All transactions are final, irreversible and possible misunderstandings between an account holder and a merchant shall be acknowledged and resolved between them, except in the case of a merchant’s transgression or fraudulent use of Flosna’s services, declared by a higher legal entity of an account holder`s jurisdiction. In some rare cases, Flosna will investigate and reverse transactions found to violate fair practice and/or are abusive towards other Flosna account holders or Flosna services.


12. Keeping your account safe

12.1. You must keep your password safe and do not disclose it to anyone and you have to make sure that our employees will never request your account password.

12.2. In case you already received email demanding your password you must notify us immediately Flosna will not bear the responsibility if you fall in such a mistake. 


12.3. To keep your password safe you must do the following:

12.3.1. Do not reveal your password to anyone no matter how much you trusted him. 

12.3.2. Do not store your password in a computer you have no control over it. 

12.3.3. Do not send it to anyone. 

12.3.4. If you have any doubts or suspicion that your login details has been stolen from you, you should let us know immediately, you do not have to be late in this matter. Flosna bear no responsibility for any harm that may happen to your account. You should also let us know in the case of you suspect that someone is able to access your account.

12.3.5. Flosna has the right to close your account temporarily at any time; we suspect that the account has been accessed by unauthorized persons without your knowledge. 

12.3.6. You must make sure your email is safe and this is a very important thing because we contact with you through it.

12.3.7. If you are using a shared computer and anyone else could use it, make sure that the browser did not save your account access data.

12.3.8. If you are using your own computer, you have to stay sure that you only could access to your account.


13. Fees

13.1. Fees depend on whether you are using your Account for Personal or Business purposes.
13.2. Customer is responsible for the payment of all applicable fees.
13.3. Foreign exchange fee will apply for every currency conversion.
13.4. Transaction related fees can be viewed at any time in the Fees section on our Website. Additional fees apply to Flosna Accounts used for commercial purposes (Merchant Accounts).
13.5. You acknowledge and agree that the Flosna Fees may be amended from time to time in accordance with the terms of this User Agreement.


14. Restricted Activities

14.1. In connection with your use of the Site, your Account, the Flosna Services, or in the course of your interactions with Flosna, other Users, or third parties, you will not:

14.1.1. Breach this User Agreement, the Privacy Policy or any other policy on the Site;
14.1.2. Violate any law, statute, ordinance, or regulation;

14.1.3. Infringe Flosna's or any third party's copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights, or rights of publicity or privacy;

14.1.4. Use Flosna to sell or purchase counterfeit goods;

14.1.5. Act in a manner that is defamatory, libelous, unlawfully threatening or harassing;

14.1.6. Provide false, fraudulent, inaccurate or misleading information;

14.1.7. Send or receive what Flosna reasonably believes to be potentially fraudulent funds;

14.1.8. Refuse to cooperate in an investigation or provide confirmation of your identity or any Information you provide to us;

14.1.9. Attempt to receive funds from both Flosna and a Flosna Merchant or other third party seller for the same transaction;

14.1.10. Use an anony mizing proxy; use any robot, spider, other automatic device;

14.1.11. Control a Customer Account that is linked in any way to another account that has engaged in any of these restricted activities;

14.1.12. Use the Site, your Customer Account or the Flosna Service in a manner that results in or may result in complaints, disputes, claims, fines, penalties and other liabilities to Flosna, another Flosna customer, a Flosna Merchant, any other third party or you;

14.1.13. Take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure;

14.1.14. Distribute viruses, Trojan horses, worms, or other computer programming technologies that may harm the Site, or the interests or property of any other Flosna customers, Flosna Merchants and any other third parties, including the Site's other users;

14.1.15. Take any action that may cause us to lose any services from our internet service providers, payment processors, or other suppliers;

14.1.16. Circumvent or manipulate our fee structure, billing process, or fees owed to Flosna;

14.1.17. Transfer your Customer Account to another party without our prior written consent. 
Prior written consent.

14.1.18. Use the Flosna Service to pay for any illegal material whatsoever including, without limitation, illegal downloads;

14.1.19. Pay for any goods and/or services which infringe the intellectual property or other proprietary rights of any third party or any illegal purpose or criminal activity of any nature;

14.2. You acknowledge and agree that Flosna will report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities.
14.3. Flosna may without liability:
14.3.1. Apply such prevention and detection procedures as it deems necessary;
14.3.2. Suspend or close any Customer Accounts; and/or cancel or refuse to carry out any transactions, if Flosna, in its sole discretion, suspects that you are using your Customer Account or any aspect of the Flosna Service for unlawful purposes or your Customer Account is otherwise being used for unlawful purposes.

14.4. You agree that you will not use your Flosna account except in a legitimate way and for the goals that makes it accessible to you.

14.5 You agree to be exposed to legally prosecution in the case you try to use your account for an unlawful purpose


14.6. Flosna strictly prohibits sending or receiving payments as consideration for the sale or supply of the following:

14.6.1. Illegal or stolen goods or services.
14.6.2. Illegal downloads or any other goods and services infringing intellectual property rights (trademark, patent, copyright) of a third party.
14.6.3. Trading of items or support of organizations that promote hate, violence, or racial intolerance.
14.6.4. Any item that violates any law, statute, ordinances, or regulations.
14.6.5. Drugs or drug paraphernalia including narcotics, steroids, and certain controlled substances that presents a risk to customer safety.
14.6.6. Selling of prescription drugs, or tobacco products.
14.6.7. Illegal gambling.
14.6.8. Child pornography.
14.6.9. Certain firearms, ammunition, weapons, or knives.
14.6.10. Any services utilized for money laundering.


15. Communication between you and Flosna

15.1. You can through Technical Support option from the home page get the support you need in one of the following methods:

15.1.1. Add new ticket: It is a ticket to explain what facing you then send it from your account to the members of technical support in Flosna directly, to let them answer your questions as soon as possible.

15.1.2. FAQ: It is common questions related to things you may face during your use of Flosna, through the answers you can get immediate support that you may need.

15.1.3. Contact us: technical support team is ready to answer your calls and inquiries.

15.2. As for the ways we communicate with you we, you recognizes through this agreement that Flosna have the right to contact you at any time, either through technical support calls or through sending an e-mail to you, and you are also committed to the responsibility of being a bear of what we have notified you about, one day after you receive your email or phone call.


16. Identity Authentication

16.1. We use many techniques to verify our users when they register on our site, verification of users is only indicator to increase the probability of that the user's identity is correct.

16.2. You are authorized to Flosna directly or through a third party to make any inquiries we consider necessary to verify your registration however and because of that the verification of users on the Internet is difficult. Flosna couldn't be sure from any user's identity. 

16.3. Flosna does not make any representation or warranty for identity of any user.


17. Protection for Unauthorized Transactions and Errors

17.1. In case of an unauthorized payment or a payment that was incorrectly executed due to an error by Flosna, Flosna shall at your request immediately refund the payment amount including all fees deducted there from. This shall not apply:

17.1.1. Where the unauthorized payment arises from your failure to keep the personalized security features of your Account safe in accordance with section 12.

17.1.2. If you do not notify us of these transactions within Thirty (30) days after the debit date, you will not be entitled to any redress. After you notify us of these Payment Transactions,


18. Limitation of Liability
18.1. Flosna makes no representations or warranties as to the continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to the Flosna Service or to your Customer Account, which may be affected by factors outside of our control, or may be subject to periodic testing, repair, upgrade or maintenance.

18.2. Use of the Site is at your own risk. The Site is provided on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis without any representation or endorsement made and without warranty or guarantee of any kind whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, security and accuracy.

18.3. Nothing in this Agreement shall operate to exclude liability for death or personal injury due to negligence or for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation or for any statutory liability that cannot be excluded or amended by agreement between the parties.

18.4. Flosna’s obligation under this Agreement is limited to providing you with an electronic payment service and does not make any statement in relation to or endorsement of the quality, safety or legality of any goods or services provided by a Flosna Merchant.

18.5. Flosna shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that all transactions are processed in a timely manner. However, Flosna makes no representations regarding the amount of time needed to complete processing of any particular transaction or transfer, nor shall Flosna be liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages arising from any such delay.

18.6. Flosna shall not be liable for the assessment or payment of any taxes, duties or other charges that arise from the underlying commercial transaction between you and a Flosna Merchant.

18.7. In the event that you have a dispute with one or more Merchant, you release Flosna (and our officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures and employees) from any and all claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes, Further you acknowledge and agree that Flosna will not enter into any dispute other than to confirm whether or not a payment has been made by you.

18.8. Goods and services supplied or made available through websites which are linked to this Site are supplied by third parties including, without limitation, Flosna Merchants and not by Flosna. Any dealings between you and such third parties, including payment for and delivery of goods or services and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations, acts or omissions associated with such dealings, are solely between you and such third party. You agree not to hold Flosna liable for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as the result of any such dealings.

18.9. Flosna, its directors, employees, agents and affiliates will not be liable for any loss or damage (whether direct or indirect or consequential loss or damage) whatsoever (including, without limitation, loss of business, opportunity, data, goodwill or profits) arising out of or in connection with your use of the Site, your Customer Account and/or the Flosna Service (or any part thereof) whether caused by negligence or otherwise, including without limitation arising out of or in connection with:

18.9.1. Payments made to unintended recipients or payments made in incorrect amounts due to the input of incorrect information by Customer;
18.9.2. Payment made by a third party who passes all identity and verification checks;
18.9.3. Any fraud, deception or misrepresentations by User, whether or not the User is verified in any manner;
18.9.4. Any fraud, deception or misrepresentations by the Merchant;
18.9.5. Any damages resulting from a Merchant's decision not to accept a payment made through Flosna;
18.9.6. Any errors or omissions in the Website content;
18.9.7. The misuse of the Website content or the inability of any person to use the Website;
18.9.8. Delays, losses, errors, or omissions resulting from failure of any telecommunications or any other data transmission system and the failure of the central computer system or any part thereof;
18.9.9. Any result of any acts of Government or authority, any act of Allah or force majeure;

18.10. You agree to indemnify and hold Flosna, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors and employees harmless from any claim or demand (including attorneys' fees) made or incurred by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of this Agreement or the documents it incorporates by reference, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party relating to your use of the Service. You agree that, if either you or Flosna commence litigation or arbitration in connection with this paragraph, the prevailing party is entitled to recover reasonable attorneys' fees and any other costs incurred in such proceeding in addition to any other relief to which the prevailing party may be entitled.


19. Privacy

19.1. Flosna will produce and maintain a Privacy Policy, which will be publicly available at the Flosna website. In the event of any conflict between the Privacy Policy and this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement will control.

19.2. Flosna takes reasonable measures (physical, organizational and technological) to safeguard your personal information against unauthorized access and to safely store your personal information. Please review the Privacy Policy for more information on how we safeguard the personal information that you give us.

19.3. Customer agrees that the only way to recover access to a Customer Account where the Password or Login ID have been lost is by following the password recovery procedure established by Flosna. Customer is responsible for being able to meet the requirements and eventual costs for the password recovery. Flosna will not be responsible in any way for any of Customer’s losses due to Customer failing to meet the requirements for password recovery.


20. Closing Your Account

20.1. You may close your Flosna Account at any time by contacting our Customer Support.
Closure of your Flosna Account will not cancel any transaction which you have already undertaken.

20.2. If your Account holds a balance at time of Account closure, you will not be able to withdraw your funds. Remaining balance in your Flosna Account shall be spent entirely throughout Flosna network of merchants or Flosna store and this is the only ways to take your money out of your Flosna account.

20.3. You may not attempt to evade a pending investigation by closing your Account. If you close your account pending an investigation. Flosna may hold your funds to protect third parties against any risks arising thereof. You will remain liable for all obligations relating to your Account even after your Account is closed.


21. Anti-Money Laundering Policy

21.1. Flosna participates fully in all government regulated anti-money laundering policies. Suspicious large deposits will be reported to appropriate government authorities. Customers are required to keep their accounts and contact information current at all times. Any accounts found to contain incorrect and/or outdated information will be suspended and all funds held.

21.2. Customers wishing to use certain features of their accounts will be required to verify their identity via government issued photo ID and/or other appropriate documentation. All submitted documentation is held in the strictest confidence. However, in cases of intentional abuse, any Customer participating, abetting or assisting in fraudulent and/or attempted fraudulent activities relinquishes any and all rights to privacy of personal information.


22. Amendments

22.1. You agree that Flosna has the full right to make any amendment to the site or this agreement and the legal reference will be the latest amended version of the agreement.

22.2. We may amend this Agreement at any time by posting a revised version on our website. The revised version will be effective at the time we post it. If the revised version includes a Substantial Change, we will provide you with 30 Days' prior notice of any Substantial Change by posting a notice on our website and via e-mail.


23. About the transfer of rights and obligations

23.1. You are here, and through this agreement give Flosna the right and the permission on an irreversible course to transfer the details of your account data to the parties that we deal with.

23.2. We always will be complete confidentiality about the content of the operations in your account.

23.3. You cannot without the express permission from Flosna transfer or control or dispose your account rights or obligations or responsibilities.


24. Intellectual Property

24.1. Flosna including Logos, headings, icons, graphics, special signs, texts in Arabic and English are registered trademarks for Flosna, and you cannot copy or use it without a permission from Flosna and who will do so will be legally reviewed. 

24.2. This website and its content (including site design, text and graphics) and all codes of software are protected by copyright, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights and laws.

24.3. Anyone loads, or copy, reproduce or transfer, sale or distribution of the contents of the site without the prior written permission of flosna will be reviewed legally.


25. General Terms

25.1. If any item of this agreement is not valid for use for any reason, the rest of the items are applied and remain in effect. 

25.2. Its not allowed for anyone except Flosna and the user to intervene in any form in this agreement and its conditions.

25.3. This agreement specifies deal between you and Flosna and constitutes legal reference to any dispute that may happen. if you register in Flosna, this means you are agree to be bound by all of agreement terms.

25.4. These Terms of Service shall be binding on your heirs, personal and legal representatives, estate, successors-in-title and permitted assigns (where applicable) you.

25.5. If this User Agreement is translated into any language other than English, in case of any discrepancy or question of interpretation (including between the English and any Arabic version of this User Agreement), the English version shall prevail.

All rights reserved to Flosna © 2020